Plastic Free Periods
Did you know?
ALL single use sanitary items contain plastic!
Most people’s initial reaction to cups or re-useable towels is normally 'errgh'! But these are not as 'errgh' as they sound!
How to Use
Cups - Fold and pop in on a morning and leave until bed time. No need to change throughout the day. Take it out, poor away and either wipe it clean or sterilise using boiling water.
Towels - Stay in place with a stud button on the reverse, these can be folded up neatly in your bag until needed. Once used just pop in the wash or a wetbag!  Made from cloth so are much more comfortable than single use pads and come in a variety of flow types and designs.
Why Switch?
  • Sanitary waste creates over 200,000 tonnes per year!
  • Cups do not absorb other bodily fluids causing dryness
  • We pay the VAT
Cups - save around 400 items from landfill a year for each person
Cost £19 a cup vs Tampons between £1-£2 per period
Paypack = 10 - 20 months, cups last much longer
Towels - save around 500 items from landfill a year for each person
A starter pack (6 towels) including a wetbag - £28.49 vs
Single Use Towels around £1.5 -£2 per period
Payback = 14-19 months - pads last much longer
Please note these are not the only 2 options available and there are lots of brands to choose from. If your thinking of switching we advise everyone to do some research first to make sure you get what is right for you and your body

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