At Refill & Go we buy all of our stock in bulk, usually 25kg at a time, in paper sacks!  This means we are able to provide every day products to customers, plastic free!

We work tirelessly to find suppliers with very ethical processes, so that you not only know your products will be a very good quality (a high percentage are Organic) but the processes around manufacturing the product are also ethical i.e. workers are paid fairly!

The majority of our food products are in dispensers which stops people being able to touch the products until it is dispensed into their container.  Hygiene is one of our highest priorities!  We have a 5 star food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency to prove it!


In Store

You can bring your clean empty containers in store, weigh your container (tare the weight) and dispense your product (however small or large).  You then weigh it again (the scales will deduct the tare weight and calculate the cost) then pay at the till!  It does take a while to adapt the new weigh of shopping but we are always around to help you!

This works exactly the same with liquid refills too!

If you forget to bring your container you can dispense your product direct to a brown paper bag instead!  Unfortunately this isn't viable for liquids!

We have lots of containers to buy as well, if you don't have one of your own to use.

All items are sold by the gram.


Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a service to use your own containers at the moment, so all of our products will be dispensed into brown paper bags (or white bag if it is a greasy item), weighed and labelled, then packaged together in a box to be delivered to your door!

Liquid refills are not available online currently only in bulk quantities.

We guarantee we will not use any plastic in any of our deliveries!

All items are sold per 10g.

A lot of our weighed items, such as cereals, cost less than 1 pence for 1 gram, which means we are unable to sell online by the gram like we do in store.  We would need to sell products with 4 decimal places and this isn't possible online, so this is why you will only be able to order items in 10g increments.