We are dedicated to making sustainable options available to all, but also to make your life easier so you don’t have to think about whether something is sustainable or not!  We take the worry out of shopping by doing all the research for you. 
So, our promise to you is:
  1. Provide support to you when making more sustainable choices
  2. Never preach as we understand everyone is on their own journey!
  3. We will continue to help our local community with free food parcels and supporting local schools
  4. All packaging will be plastic free unless fully compostable at home!
  5. We have researched suppliers to ensure full traceability of the supply chain to ensure the company is fully ethical, this also includes ensuring workers are paid fairly
  6. We no longer sell any products from unethical suppliers and throughout 2020 we removed a small number of these companies from sale as more customers were persuaded to switch to our fab eco brands instead, thank you everyone that switched!!
  7. We minimise our waste by buying goods in bulk and returning packaging to suppliers, where possible, or recycling or re-using our waste or even giving it away to local people to re-use
  8. We minimise our carbon footprint by using local suppliers, where possible
  9. All deliveries packaged in previously used or recycled packaging and will always contain zero plastic
  10. Local deliveries will be received via an electric vehicle
  11. Via Shop Pay, 1 tree is planted for every delivery which helps to offset the impact against nationwide deliveries – trees are planted via WeForest
  12. Throughout the next 12 months we are committing to updating to suppliers who also have a fully circular supply chain!
We are committed to helping our world heal and grow stronger, but we need you to help too!  Anything else you would like to see in our promise to you, please let us know via email at enquiries@refillandgo.co.uk                                           Scott & Angela