Our main objective here at Refill & Go, is to provide plastic free options for every day household items and food, to everyone!  So that we ALL have the opportunity to reduce the amount of single use plastic we use and throw away!
Whether you're just starting out on your zero waste journey or you have been actively involved in the zero waste movement for years, pay us a visit online or in store (once COVID-19 is over).
We are not here to preach, to tell you, you must do better!  We want you to be able to shop with us and leave knowing you have done your bit for the environment, no matter how small!
We all need to make changes to every day life, to help the earth heal but we are also realistic and know it takes time to change, time to adapt.  So no matter what your journey looks like, we can support you!
We are a family run business and also live in Garforth so have a vested interest in supporting our community and are really excited to see how our community is growing!
Due to the current ongoing situation with COVID-19, we have assessed our business and for the safety of everyone, feel that the best way forward is to only sell our products online.  You will not find our deliveries full of plastic either!  Where possible we will also use recycled packaging as well.
We normally sell liquid refills but unfortunately this isn't currently possible with only our online service available.
We opened our doors to the public, August 2019 and you can find us on Main Street in Garforth, Leeds.