Bulk buy saving plastic, 5L - White Vinegar



Cleaning: Vinegar has been used over the years as a natural cleaning agent no better way to be environmentally friendly way to clean your house

Baking: White vinegar can be used alongside baking soda as a leavening agent for baked goods. The acidic vinegar reacts with the alkaline baking soda and releases carbon dioxide gas that helps baked goods rise.

Weed Killer: Rid your garden of troublesome weeds by using our natural white vinegar as a weed killer, effective and safe!

Marinades and Sauces: White vinegar gives an extra zing of flavor to marinades and sauces. In marinades, the acid in the vinegar also functions as a tenderizing agent for meats, seafood and vegetables

Pickles: When paired with pickling spices and water, white vinegar makes a great base for crafting a wide array of quick pickles, including vegetables, fruits and eggs



Spirit vinegar 5%

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