Coconut Milk Organic - Coconut Merchant - 400ml



Delicious, rich and velvety organic coconut milk.

Ethically sources Coconut Merchants coconut milk is 100% natural and organic. The milk is produced by soaking pure coconut flesh and removing the cream. The milk is packed full of goodness and is delicious on its own or when used in cooking. Coconut milk is an ideal alternative to milk and is rich in flavour and has a silky smooth texture.

Features of Coconut Merchant organic coconut milk

  • Great for cooking and baking
  • Organic, preservative free, Non-GMO
  • Ethically sourced
  • Smooth and velvety
  • Rich in taste
  • 100% pure coconut


Organic Coconut (50%), Water (49.5%), Guar Gum.

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