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Sweet Malt Loaf, Zesty Lemon and Earl Grey

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Seasonal producers

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Technically speaking, you can make cold brew from any bean. But that’s a bit like saying you can make coffee from any bean. It’s true, but it’s no guarantee the end product won’t taste like mistreated gravy. And that, friends, just isn’t the Grumpy way.

When we do cold brew at Grumpy Mule, we’ll do it RIGHT.

So it starts with green beans. Beans that have been specially selected for their cold-brew-suiting flavour profiles. Beans like the floral aroma, citrus acidity and underlying sweetness of the Ethiopia Shakisso, or the body and balance of the Colombia Equidad, or even the clean, chocolate flavours of the Honduras Fuerza La Lobor. That’s what you might find in this bag, but like most varieties, it’s a seasonal crop, so as long as the variety is organic and the flavour profile is on point, it might just be part of the blend. The beans do get a quick turn in our Probat drum roaster, but only until they’re perfectly primed for cold-water brewing.

What else do you need to know? Well maybe just that it’s easy to make. About 50g of coffee and about 750ml of filtered cold water. And then it’s just the 16 HOURS to wait while it brews…

[insert sound of beverage being spat out here] Say what now?

Ah yes, because that’s the thing about cold brew: it does take a while. But then again, all good things take time, right? And think of all the non-cold brew coffee you’ll be able to drink in that time. Trust us, once you’ve reached the French press or filter-paper stage, and once you’ve taken that first sip*, it’ll be totally worth it.

*GRUMPY MULE TIP KLAXON* Drop in a wedge of lemon. You won’t regret it.

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