Sustainable, Plastic Free, Metal Straw - Straight - Silver



A different alternative to our angled steel straw, the straight steel straw is ideal for tall drinks.

As people become more aware of the harms single use plastic has on the environment, the more the demand for zero waste alternatives grows. One of the ‘hot topics’ of environmentalism is the harm that plastic straws cause our marine life and natural ecosystems.

We offer straight steel straws in a variety of colours so there’s one to suit everybody!. Whether that’s our classic stainless steel which everyone loves, or our neon straws which really make a statement.

4 reasons to love our steel straw:

  1. Drinking from steel straws can protect your teeth from the harsh acids that are in fruit juice and fizzy drinks, in fact dentists recommend using a straw for consuming these kinds of beverages.
  2. There is no metallic after-taste with our steel straws.
  3. Steel straws are perfect for gatherings like dinner parties—everyone could have a different colour! 
  4. They are available in a number of different colours, so you can choose which one suits you best.

Important Reminder

  • Our steel straw has nickel material. Nickel is corrosion-resistant, thus it makes the straw longer lasting. However, we do not recommend you buy this if you’re allergic to nickel.
  • Don’t worry though, you can still enjoy a plastic-free drink. We recommend a bamboo straw — another eco-friendly alternative.


The straight steel straw is made in Fujian, China, under good working conditions. The factory packs the steel straws using tissue paper instead of plastic bubble wrap. All of our orders are sent out in zero waste packaging. We use paper-based jiffy bags and paper tape to keep your order as zero waste as possible.

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