Sustainable, Plastic Free, Porridge Jumbo Oats - Gluten Free - Priced per 10g



Looking for an organic, gluten-free and Fairtrade breakfast option? Then Porridge Jumbo Oats are perfect for you! Made from wholegrain organic oats, our jumbo oats provide a nutritious and delicious start to the day. And because they're gluten-free, they're ideal for those with coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance.

As well as being healthy, our gluten-free jumbo oats are also extremely tasty. They have a light and fluffy texture that is perfect for porridge, and they can also be used in baking or as a topping for yoghurt or fruit. What's more, they are quick and easy to prepare, so you can enjoy a healthy breakfast even on busy mornings.

These oats are high in fibre and protein, and are low in sugar, making them a nutritious and filling meal. 

As well as being healthy and nutritious, our oats are also environmentally friendly. They are grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or pesticides, and are completely GM free. Plus, they are Fairtrade certified, so you can be sure that the farmers who grow them are getting a fair price for their work.


Organic gluten free jumbo oats

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