Sustainable, Plastic Free, Arborio (Risotto) Rice - Priced per 10g



Arborio rice is a delicious, versatile Italian white rice that forms the basis for classic Risotto dishes. With its high starch content, Arborio rice yields a creamy and tender risotto with unparalleled flavour and texture. This premium rice is perfect for everyday meals or elegant occasions.

Its unique texture makes it the perfect choice for dishes that are both flavourful and filling.

Directions for use:
Do not rinse before use as the starch is essential for a creamy Risotto. Simply fry some chopped onion in olive oil and when soft, add the rice and fry it until it has lost its ‘white’ appearance. In the meantime, have some stock simmering in another pan and ladle in a spoonful at a time, stirring the Risotto continuously and never allowing it to dry out. When the rice is cooked, beat in some Parmesan cheese and a knob of butter to make it smooth and creamy.

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